I decided to compare my Matilda Jane ruffles to my own Athena Designs ruffles.  In the picture there are two pairs of Matilda Jane Ruffles and one pair of the ruffles I make.  I do like Matilda Jane – but they are so expensive and are hard to get in my size to top it off.  (I’m at the top of their size range)….  I didn’t include a comparison of the inseam, which on Athena Designs ruffles can be customized.

The ruffles on AD are usually a little shorter, for the one ruffle option.  AD has a wide ruffle option and there is a two ruffle option that has a bottom ruffle of 7.5 inches.  The AD ruffles usually have a top stich above the ruffles.  We feel that makes the ruffles more secure, I know I tend to catch my foot on the ruffle once in a while….  so the extra stitching helps secure the ruffle.

The bottom of the ruffles usually vary between a hem at the bottom (MJC) vs a rolled hem on the AD ruffles.  The final big difference between the pants being the AD Ruffles have top stitching under the waistband to secure it.  Many of the MJC ruffles include a piece of elastic that isn’t in the AD Ruffles, but the pairs tend to stay up the same.  Additionally the AD Ruffles  can be customized, including an elastic waist……

The fit for the AD Ruffles tends to run larger than the fit for the MJC ruffles.  I wear an XL in both, but the XL in MJC is definitely tighter on me than in AD.


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