I made the embroidery design and t-shirt for my mother and Aunt Linda for Relay for Life a year ago. (Vermillion County Illinois)  Of course my favorite to see was ‘Yes they are fake, my real ones tried to kill me’!  I’ve had several family members with breast cancer including my mother, several aunts, my grandmother, my other grandmother died of cancer, my first, and second cousins, not to mention friends.  I’ve lost family and friends in the past.  With my mother and grandmothers all having breast cancer I have viewed it as my future.  I’ve even had the mammograms with cysts turn up that always scare me.  No matter how much you feel it is your future, you can’t be completely prepared for hearing it – and the wait is one of the worst parts.  

I do what I can to support Breast Cancer research not just for my future but for any granddaughters I might have.  (yes I have My Three Sons!)  Even with out so many family members with Breast Cancer the odds are 1 in 8! That’s pretty high odds! 

I love computers and I love sewing and at the time I had just gotten my embroidery machine as well as software to play with designs, so I made this for my mother and aunt. I think it has also been used on towels around the world for auctions to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness auctions.    My current plan is to donate 50% of the money raised from the sale of this design to the place my mother has gone for treatment (the other half will go to pay to have the site up – for the fees).    I also am willing to help with any computer questions (tech support) for any groups raising money for breast cancer research.

I’ve heard that there is a new vaccine being worked on at a military hospital near DC!  It is showing promise with survivors and they are looking at a three year window until release!  I think it was Walter Reed.   


I know my odds are not 100% for developing Breast Cancer and my mother and cousins have tested negative for BRCA, but I also know that my odds are definitely a lot higher than winning the lottery. 

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