The following is the post that was going to be posted this week, but do to un-forseen issues.  I am posting it and offering a discount on all Michael Miller Fabric to clear it out of the store.  I will post in the next couple days some new much better geeky fabric! 


For those of you that know me – my family takes geek and nerd to a new level.  For me that is amazing as I come from a family with a dad that really thought books were taking away from things my mom should be doing on the farm and that technology really couldn’t be trusted.  My aunt Kate bought me my first computer (a Commodore 64 – yes that shows my age some) and I went on to college and worked at the university in the end to pay my tuition.  My high school was much more sports focused than science focused, but I received a very unique background growing up on a farm with parents that dabbled in everything from repairing old cars to collecting unique animals (yes we had deer and buffalo as pets growing up).  I went on to finish college, remained a computer programmer, and married my wonderful husband who is a professor in Physics and Astronomy. 


We now have three boys, all of which are amazingly creative and do well in science and math – though the little one seems to like sports too.  (Did I mention the professor also was on a bike team in college and after?)  My oldest is about to graduate from college with a couple majors and minors in engineering and math, the middle one keeps debating degrees, but the last one I heard discussed was astrobiology (he’s a Jr. in High School), and the little one is still in Pre-K.  My middle son also has a blog that shows off some of his art work.  I’m proud of all of them!


The reason I mention all this is that I LOVE science fabric!  – So this week I wanted to show off the Lab Animals and Atoms fabric by Michael Miller.  (I also seriously love Star Magic but it’s sold out for a little bit.) 


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