Every so often I make a costume by special request (or for myself). The red is a costume in process that my son wanted for a cosplay convention – to dress as a character from Pokémon. – Pokémon and Dr. Who are both big around our house. The skirt is a take off of an Irdis skirt from the Doctor’s Wife (Dr. Who). I love Dr. Who!

To create a cosplay costume, we try to find the closest pattern to match and modify the pattern.  We need a picture of what you would like as well as any changes or description you would like to add, your measurements, and any fabric requests.  We can dye fabric to try to match colors, but fabric content such as the costume on the right being pleather can be adjusted.

With the costume on the right, a cricut was then used with an iron on to add the logo.  Each of these costumes were able to be washed and warn many times!


Next Week:

Cutting Fabric – on the bias?