I love the Eggplant color!  To me it’s a deep purple almost heather-ed with black.  To tell on some colors the difference in colors the best way is to put them side by side and eggplant vs. purple is no different.  Until I reorder I curreEggplant vs purplently have enough to make one more order in eggplants (and plenty of purple). 

I am in the process of making myself a gardenia dress in the solid purple but would love it in the eggplant!  I have a few other color mixes that are close like this, but this is one of my favorites…. though I love the black vs. graphite comparison also. 

The eggplant vs. purple is obvious enough a difference that there is no way to mix the two when they are near each other.  (graphite vs. black almost needs a good light)




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