With winter approaching the weather is getting colder.  I LOVE french terry for pants that are a little heavier.  Personally I’m a size 18 and I have a couple pair in french terry that are Matilda Jane, but they are a little tight.  Making some for me is first on my list.  Currently I have Coral, Burgundy, Heather Gray and Kelly Green in stock with several other colors available. Coral and Burgundy are a medium weight with the Kelly Green and Heather Gray being a little thinner. 

Ruffle Pants, Finnster style, straight leg and wide leg pants are all available.  (French Terry can be used for other items too including yoga pants!)  French Terry is distinctive for having one side smooth and the back side covered in larger loops.  Because of these loops it’s very absorbent and wicks moisture from the body – keeping you warmer!  It’s great for the winter and for exercise. 



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