One of the fun things to try with an embroidery machine is In The Hoop Projects.  You can find them on Etsy labeled as ITH.  These are patterns that while sewed are all put together in the machine step by step.    Generally you start with   stabilizer in the hoop and the machine stitches out around the beginning fabric.  You then cut off the fabric around the stitches and let the next step satin stitch it down.

As each part is finished, more items are added and stitched on.  This particular item includes a section for a drivers license to show through the pocket.  Besides wallets, paper towels, napkins, clothes, puzzles, and much more can be made with the In the Hoop method!

I used some extra fabric scraps to make this wallet.  I’ve also made a larger bag that included a zipper.  The bag required a final top-stitching separate from using the machine.

I love all the patterns I can find on Etsy and stores online for embroidery!





Contact Us for information about our fabric grab bags if you need some fabric for in the hoop projects!




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