Thanks to my mother and my husband, I got a new desk for my office.  I’m pretty excited!  The old desk was all open with no drawers and the computer space was completely open.  The new desk has drawers, a place for my computer that is closed, and is about a foot longer on each side.  It doesn’t go up with the bookcases, so I debated getting a hutch for over the desk, but instead decided to pare down my books and hang my dry erase boards.  I love being organized, I use Trello for my online bulletin board and have been trying to get in the habit of tracking my orders on a board.


The desk itself came from Amazon and is a cherry wood – super heavy.  The directions weren’t especially easy to follow, but my husband was able to take over and get it put together a lot quicker than what we were coming up with.  The second drawer down still has issues coming out and seems to not work well, but that’s not really something that is going to worry or bother me.  I’ve now got books all lined up along one side as I try to decide the best plan to store the books I use. – I love journals to record things and I have a collection of books about family history.  (I blog about family history, coupons and recipes, and tech education for kids)   The top is so big on the desk now though that it is easy to have my printer and my neat receipts on the desktop and still have plenty of space on my desktop.

Dry Erase Boards

I’ve decided not to add a hutch because I love having boards above my desk.  I have dry erase boards, cork boards, pictures boards, and even chalk boards – the chalk ran when I tried to write Simplify your Life, but I still love it! My picture board has the measurements I use for elastic, but it also contains pictures my middle son drew.


We all need to be reminded once in a while of all the good things that surround us, to count our blessings as opposed to our perceived failings, and don’t sweat the small stuff.  I don’t really make resolutions for the new year, but I do try to always work at doing the best I can at each thing and enjoy what I do.