thread rackI love my embroidery machine! I’ve been playing with it. My new favorite is making napkins with a breast cancer theme that I’m going to share soon! I’m trying to get them perfected… Right now I’ve been using two woven fabrics and a blanket stich around them. I’m also going to release it as an In the Hoop project!

Hanging Colors

While playing with my machine I’ve looked through all the colors of my collection. I have them hanging on the wall behind my machine. To hang them I decided I couldn’t wait for my husband to help and ‘do it right’, so I grabbed a couple monkey hooks and hung them myself. I have to admit that’s how a lot of the items in my sewing room at hung. I’ve tried using those plastic hooks that hang with the removable tape and they just come right back down with the weight… Monkey hooks on the other hand!

New Colors

I have now though ran out of space on my racks, so I’m ready to add another.  The new spring colors just magically appeared in my collection.    They are beautiful and I have fabric to match!

embroidery thread and machine