Much of the fabric I use comes on big cardboard tubes.  The tubes are fairly heavy and it seems I’m always trying to figure out a use for them other than just putting them directly in the recycle bin.  I also have gotten the flat cardboard pieces for bolts and it’s been suggested that they are great for absorbing water in the event of a flood (I would think they would be really tough to clean up after!

For the tubes though, thoughts I’ve had and tried are:

  1. Build a Tee Pee
  2. Make a Rainstick
  3. Make a fort
  4. Make a sword

I can honestly say that as a sword they are a little too heavy…. they hurt!  They made pretty cool tee pees (and I’m sure I’m spelling that wrong) but I had a hard time keeping them together.  We put three tubes together and wrapped knit fabric around it with clips down the seam.  Maybe I should have used duct tape?

For a rain stick, a portion gets cut off and then big nails get pounded in at random spots.  Little pebbles, marbles or something similar (buttons in our case) get added to the stick and the ends are covered…  Helpful Hint – don’t use duct tape!  If you use tape the items will just stick to the tape for just one go at it!  So cover the ends and then turn the stick up and down.   Kids can decorate the outside.  This one was cool to make!

So anyone want some tubes?  If so just let me know.  Free if picked up or I can send them for the cost of shipping!   I love recycled!  Pictures are good too!